This website shows the SearXNG public instances. It is updated every 24 hours, except the response times which are updated every 3 hours. It requires Javascript until the issue #9 is fixed.

SearXNG is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Users are neither tracked nor profiled.

Public instances listed here may yield less accurate results as they have much higher traffic and consequently have a higher chance of being blocked by search providers such as Google, Qwant, Bing, Startpage, etc. Hosting your own instance or using an instance that isn't listed here may give you a more consistent search experience.

The source code of this website: https://github.com/searxng/searx-space

If something doesn't work as expected on this website, or you have a feature request, you can create an issue

Meta-SearXNG instances

These are websites that source from other SearXNG instances. These are useful if you can't decide which SearXNG instance to use:

URL Onion URL Comment

Redirects users directly to a random selection of any known running server after entering query.

Requires Javascript.

Excludes servers with user tracking and analytics or are proxied through Cloudflare.



Configurable, JavaScript-less Neocities alternative, giving you a random SearXNG instance each time you visit the page.

Only an onion service is available. If you can't or don't want to use Tor, you can build and run it from source.

Source code

How can I add / remove my instance on this site ?

See the searx-instances project

How can I install SearXNG ?

See the SearXNG documentation

Or if you want to use docker: https://github.com/searxng/searxng-docker

How can I use the results in another project ?

You can fetch instances.json directly.

Do note that the format may change in the future.

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{{instances_filtered.length}} online instances

See the About section to know how to edit this list or look for the meta SearXNG instances

URL Version TLS? CSP? HTML? Certificate IPv6? Country? Network Search response time Google response time Initial response time Uptime Comments Alternative URLs
Hide networks with privacy issue


- {{comment}}

TLS grade

Grade from cryptcheck.fr (source code: aeris/cryptcheck and dalf/cryptcheck-backend).

CSP grade

Grade from dalf/http-observatory updated fork of Observatory by mozilla.

Note: The grade shown here might be different from observatory.mozilla.org: searx.space checks the full SearXNG URL, observatory.mozilla.org checks the root path.

HTML grade

When the page is loaded by Firefox, are the scripts well-known ?

  • V - Vanilla instance: all static files comes from the SearXNG git repository.
  • F - Fork: all static files comes from a fork of SearXNG
  • C - Some static files have been modified, but the Javascripts comes from the SearXNG git repository.
  • Cjs - Some static files have been modified including Javascript files.
  • E - The instance includes file from another domain.
  • 👁️ - The instance uses an analytics software.

Be aware that only inline and external ( <script src="...") scripts are checked. There are many other ways to leak information.


Yes if at least one IPv6 is valid and has the HTTPS port opened


From whois information of the IPs

Response time colums

  • Search response time - response time of a query with the default engines.
  • Google response time - response time of the Google engine.
  • Initial response time - response time of the front time without prior existing connection.

Displayed time

  • Total time - client time
  • Server time - on the SearXNG instance, time to serve the page
  • Load time - on the SearXNG instance, time to load the third party page (wikipedia, google)
  • Network time = Total time - Server time
  • Processing time = Server time - Load time

The instances have to send the Server-Timing header to providing the Server, Load, Network and Processing times. See the SearXNG commit 554a21e1d07f3b43.

{{instances_tor.length}} online instances

URL Version HTML? Search response time Google response time Initial response time Comments Alternative URLs


- {{comment}}

SearXNG not found

URL Status Comments Alternative URLs


- {{comment}}

Working engines of {{instances_filtered.length}} instance(s) (on total {{instances.length}} instances)


The engine crashes less than 6% of the time
The engine crashes between 6% and 90% of the time
The engine crashes more than 90% of the time
The engine exists, but there is no statistics about it
The engine doesn't exist for this instance.